sports ground lighting consultants

Breadth of experience

We have extensive Sports field lighting consultation experience.

Our years of experience working with legacy and state of the art sports lighting technologies, has given us a balanced perspective and an approach of always striving for the best outcome within any given situation.

We have worked with clients & partners to recommend cost optimization, re use of existing infrastructure, best approach for future proofing installations, optimizing for broadcast quality and were even invited to contribute to the design of industry leading stadium light fittings with a number of our recommendations being implemented into the design.

Working with lighting designers/engineers

We work with many leading sports lighting designers & engineers.

We regularly engage in two-way consultation to provide practical, experience based feedback on a new design or seek advice on best ways to address a lighting design challenge we have not previously come across.

Full Service.

We pride ourselves on providing a full service from concept through to delivery, aiming and maintenance. Our team does all of the work including electrical connection, earthworks, poles, and footings.

Having in-house end to end experience allows us to provide objective advice on a much broader scope than is commonly accepted in the industry.