Sports lighting pole footings

Lighting Design

We work with both external sports lighting designers as well as using our internal design team who are happy to start from scratch or collaborate on an existing or supplied lighting design to improve the efficiency and commercial cost of the project.

Our standard design specification include:

  • the uniformity of lighting over the playing area.
  • minimum lighting requirements for the particular sporting code.
  • obtrusive light on surrounding properties.
  • checking the electrical integrity of the site installation to determine a possible need to upgrade the power supply.
  • optimal pole height.

A Geotechnical Report is recommended when we are installing new poles & based on on the Geotechnical Report, we can employ a certified Structural Engineer to design a foundation cage to match the soil condition and the pole loads.


We work closely with geo-technical and structural engineers to optimise each footing design to suit the ground conditions and poles. We have extensive experience with all types of footings & all our footing construction is completed by our in-house team with a benefit of being able to closely manage the process from design to construction.

Through our established partnerships, we work closely with lighting designers, pole manufactures and engineers to get the best possible solution within agreed timeframes and budgets.

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