Technical expertise and innovation

Rees Sports Lighting offer design, installation and maintenance for most floodlighting requirements. We demonstrate a high degree of technical expertise and innovation and can bring to you the latest advances in floodlighting and energy management. Under certain conditions, we are able to provide a 10 year or 5,000 hour warranty.

Assessment Report

We begin our work by providing an assessment report which details:

  • the existing lighting levels on the playing area (average lux reading)
  • whether these existing levels meet the minimum Australia Standards AS/NZS2560 requirements for the intended use of the playing area
  • check spill lighting levels on the playing area boundaries and surrounding properties
  • any adjustments or installation required to bring the lighting up to standard


In our design specification we include:

  • the uniformity of lighting over the playing area
  • minimum lighting requirements for the particular sporting code
  • obtrusive light on surrounding properties
  • checking the electrical integrity of the site installation to determine a possible need to upgrade the power supply
  • optimal pole height
  • a Geotechnical Report is recommended when we are installing new poles
  • depending on the Geotechnical Report, we can employ a certified Structural Engineer to design a foundation cage to match the soil condition and the pole loads

Installation & Commissioning

As part of our installation & commissioning process we carry out the following:

  • provide the installation at a time that is convenient to our customers, in order to minimise disruption to the playing area and surrounding area
  • carry out a full underground site survey of the playing area to locate and identify all underground services
  • all trenching is restored by compacting the trench and finishing with top soil
  • barricade off all areas to keep the public safe and away from our machinery at all times
  • the required number of aiming points as set out in the lighting design are marked out on the ground for aiming of the individual floodlights
  • night aiming is carried out to ensure accurate lighting levels on the playing area is reached and the obtrusive lighting code complies
  • test the integrity of our Electrical installation and provide a Certificate of Compliance
  • demonstrate the lighting levels to our customers with an onsite lighting test